How to make the store products stand out and increase the turnover
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Make the main drawing of the product The main picture of the product is very important. It can be said that it is the facade of a store, which determines whether the customer has the desire to buy. Click your product, and how to make the main picture attract customers. 1. Keep the picture clear Must keep high-definition images, which requires the filming equipment pixels, preferably with a professional camera, shooting out high-definition, effect is good, without camera, available pixel hd one mobile phone, guarantee the quality of images, or fuzzy image not only can't attract customers, products also can directly lead to the drop, the main figure size should be in accordance with the standards of the platform, not too small. 2. Selection of background Background of different products, variety, at that time you need to find the background of their products, clean and beautiful, as far as possible match the products, for example, such as 'power LED ultra-thin light box', like this kind of product is practical, advice was to use a white background, concise and straightforward, outstanding products, like household act the role ofing is tasted, this kind of product for cosmetic requirements higher, suggestion tie-in look better, to attract customers, such as 'electronic candles', need only beautiful scene foil. As shown in the figure below:23. Shooting skills Shooting is good, determine your product does not attract people, here to share a little skill, such as power supply products, shooting to a point of view, advice 30 ° to 40 °, produce products of stereo feeling, massiness, so look on tall, cannot shoot too flat, visual experience is bad, natural clicks, less like place adorn article, of course, this kind of product, main picture is the front view, the best don't need to add too much Angle, visual effect is better, mainly manifested with scenes, of course also should have uniqueness of their products, beautiful and attractive. 4, advertising language choice Slogans sometimes can achieve the result that expect is less than, but not every product main photo fit to join the slogan, then you need to trade-off of slogan, take the above example said, 'of LED slim light box power' as the practical products, appearance is almost in the industry, how to let the customer see that your products, then you need to add some AD, outstanding product distinctive, effect is good, of course, is to go through repeated test. Like 'electronic candle' this kind of ornaments, the aesthetic requirements for the appearance of a little higher, most by shooting out of the scene pictures show, at this time, the customer can directly feel from the appearance, not necessarily add advertising language, but the picture is cumbersome, destroy the aesthetic, of course, specific analysis of specific circumstances, generally speaking. 5. Comparison of competitive industries The contrast between the competition in the industry is a very important link, the emphasis was on the competitive products of top, how they make decision of figure, what the background of the style, color, placement Angle have what different, whether to add a slogan, what's the difference between the content of the AD, this requires in-depth research and analysis, find out their products with their different vantage points, so as to attract more customers.

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