Does chain supermarket not eat B2B this market big cake? There is no the
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Recently with yonghui supermarket high-level communication, President zhang henning said, 'yonghui cloud business to standard the United States Sysco (xisco) B2B service providers', later looked up Sysco (xisco) data, found that xisco is such a company:Sysco, founded in 1969 by John f. brown, began serving meals in cafes, hospitals and schools. Set up a company called ZeroFoods.In 1969, SYSCO was established with the continuous expansion of its business. Currently, cisco is the largest food distributor in North America, with a marketing network in the United States and parts of Alaska and Canada. The company serves meals in 356,000 restaurants, restaurants, hospitals and schools. In 2012, it ranked 262 in the fortune global 500.Xisco provides customers with fresh frozen meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits, snacks and eco-friendly tableware and kitchen products. Serving up to 420,000 customers, including restaurants, medical centers, educational institutions and other food service customers. The company is committed to providing consumers with a variety of high quality food, so that customers always keep fresh food.The company is committed to providing customers with a variety of high-quality food, so that customers always keep fresh. While improving efficiency and pricing, the company continues to improve food quality and better serve customers.At present plate have yong hui supermarket's cloud color food fresh in fujian, jiangsu, anhui, Shanghai, Beijing, chongqing and chengdu seven areas with fresh food to the society and enterprises as the main content of the commodity distribution business, expected to reach 2018, around 2 billion sales scale, account for only yong hui supermarket sales of 3.4% in 58.5 billion, 2017, yong hui for the cisco signal yong hui into the B2B market determined.1. Supermarket chains generally lack the willingness to enter B2B market.According to the Chinese supermarket joint procurement alliance survey of 118 member enterprises, in addition to the yong hui supermarket, there is a regular long jiangsu supermarkets and shandong dongying wins big supermarkets have organization institutions and professional team to carry out the social from all walks of life to dining room distribution fresh food and other commodities, jiangsu regular long supermarket distribution amount will reach 200 million yuan in 2018, shandong dongying wins big supermarket distribution amount in 120 million. Bubugao distribution of goods to the society to the main agent brand goods, the annual sales of about 1 billion.In addition to the four companies in China's supermarket chain in few other companies in the company's development strategy and new business development to the society and the enterprises and institutions include the distribution business, that is to say, brick-and-mortar retailers overall death of B2C business, did not enter the B2B market will, even if there is intend to a small business with ideas and fragmentation, no organization, no organization and there is no specific team, can't do big business.2. E-commerce enters the B2B market in a big wayEntity than retailers, electricity involved in B2B market scale is large, but unlike a supermarket chain, electricity cut into the B2B market is another side, namely of the grocery store and a couple of Chinese 700 individuals grocery retail terminal market of the B, such as ali's retail and jingdong mall new pathways, they all want to eat the big cake of this market.Although electricity cut into the grocery store this market because China is the man who runs a grocery store or grocery 'the national most smart and industrious people, they are extremely sensitive to price, the channel and the loyalty of the brand without any (adjacent to a few stores founder Liu Zhongjian)', ali and jingdong do is not so smooth, because the light is fu can Internet tools is not enough for them! However, the confidence and strength of e-commerce to consumer products B2B market integration has not been weakened, they are constantly improving and changing must eat this big cake. Of course, in China's circulation field, there are other companies that are actively entering the B2B market, such as yi yatong company in shenzhen. They all want to integrate the distribution and wholesale agency system of China's B2B market.3. Objective conditions for chain supermarkets to enter B2B marketThe early reform and opening up China's currency reform policy from 'sanduo a little (a variety of channels, mode of operation, a variety of economic sectors and less link)', this reform quickly led to the state just a triple wholesale system and the disappearance of the rural supply and marketing cooperatives system, circulation and enliven open for the whole of China's economy from planned economy to market economy development play a leading role.A commodity circulation reform policy of the change of distribution pattern of mainly two aspects, retail terminal by importing the chain operation, and from the past in the field of circulation of the 'old four' position to rise to the location of the 'boss', brands become intermediaries by regional authorized agency system link, regional agents and distributors due to reasons for limited financial strength in supplier chain and brand in the middle position. The policy of 'three more and one less' invigorated circulation, but failed to establish a good circulation order and improve circulation efficiency.Because the brands of goods distribution system control and the cause of the subordinate regional agents and dealers, to retail terminal system of supply chain there is a big flaw, namely there are few strong professional and high degree of integration of suppliers in the field of circulation in each region of China, aeriform in, especially in the field of consumer goods in the field of food, especially in the field of fresh food, supermarket chain has become the most professional and most comprehensive commodity integrators, only reflected in the retail terminal link, of course.For supermarket chain, cut into the B2B market opportunity comes from its own logistics distribution facilities, with strong professional and a high degree of integration of commodities integration and distribution capabilities, supermarket chains have entered the B2B market strength and ability, but for the majority of Chinese supermarket chain, the strength and abilities did not play out.I once said that more than 90% of the distribution centers of Chinese supermarket chains are empty in operation capacity. If we calculate according to the separate profit center, more than 90% of the distribution centers are loss-making. The operating capacity of chain supermarket distribution is very important because the sales scale of the supermarket is smaller than the operating capacity of the distribution center, so why not put this capacity on the B2B market?4. Three ways for supermarket chains to enter B2B market1. Distribute food, especially fresh food, to catering industry, social groups and enterprises and institutions to enter B2B market. According to data released by GlobalData on July 7, 2017, the size of South Korea's food market (excluding catering industry) reached $109.1 billion in 2015, ranking 15th in the world, with China topping the list with $11,739 million and the United States ranking second with $1,1663 trillion.That is to say, the size of China's food market reached 7.86 trillion yuan as early as 2015, and it must have exceeded 10 trillion yuan in 2018. If the B2C size of China's food market is not more than 20%, then 80%, or 8 trillion yuan, is still in the B2B market. Compared to China's supermarket chain, electricity and other vendors in food especially the fresh food (because most of China's supermarket chain of fresh proprietary proportion is very high, the supply chain is construction and controllable) category is the most conditions and ability into the B2B market, so suggest a national supermarket chain must put the social distribution of food and fresh food business as a strategic business enterprise to implement.2, China's supermarket chain has been integrated supply chain, up over the past few years as a result of such integration chain supermarket has become in their powers within the scope of the regional brand goods agent, the agent brand goods to social distribution also is a way of retailers into the B2B market, as a backgammon supermarket's dragon company operating method of today.3. Chinese supermarket chains have not been able to deliver goods to social grocery stores and couples grocery. There was a period of market experience in which supermarket chains delivered goods to franchise stores through franchise stores, but almost none of them succeeded! But everyone imagine, half of the whole social consumer goods in China is the 700 grocery stores and grocery, using the chain supermarket is the largest most comprehensive regional commodity integrators and logistics capability, to research the independent retail grocery stores and grocery distribution way, joining way, together distribution way, membership of supply way and so on.5. Problems to be solved when chain supermarkets enter B2B market1. Ideology of development strategy and innovation business. Supermarket chain into the B2B market as a new development strategy and innovative business biggest obstacle is on the ideology of the entrepreneurs, think the B2B market business has nothing to do with retail business, in fact the from all walks of life in today's world of business is already broke through the exclusive territory presents common crossover trend, such as electricity, 60% of the business is moving from physical retailers in the past, retailers ZhuanShou B2C market is untenable, only the enterprising strategically into B2B market conduct new business.2. The organization of specialized agencies and professional teams. In fact the supermarket chain has some pieces of accidental B2B business, but there is no organized as companies specialized agencies and professional team, B2B business has not formed the scale and get sustainable development, therefore, supermarket chains to enter the B2B market must be equipped with professional team, specialized agencies or the business will be weakened into a single not a single hit soy sauce.3. Inverted competition mechanism of internal settlement of commodity prices. For supermarket chains into the B2B market share to launch a new business enterprise is the same goods inventory, because the B2B market buyers of goods processing and then sell the properties, the requirements of the purchase price is much lower than the average retail customers, therefore, within the enterprise must establish a set of buyers can adapt to a B2B market price settlement mechanism, as well as the B2B market price put forward by the buyer, and other interests also wants to form a reversed transmission type within the enterprise competition mechanism, through integration of supply chain profit from the formation of a win-win situation.4. Interconnection of business development means. Chain supermarkets enter the new B2B market, but in terms of marketing means, they can no longer continue the tradition of market salesmen running orders and playing the market by single manual means. It is very important to use Internet means to improve the technical content of B2B market business. In the past two years, some regional agents and wholesalers have expanded new businesses through the establishment of new network sales system, which not only improves the quality of service but also forms a new sales platform. This is worth learning from the chain supermarkets, which can cooperate with these channel companies using Internet technology, and even acquire and merge for our use.5. Upgrading and upgrading of products in B2B market. The supermarket chain into the B2B market is generally provide ordinary commodities such as fresh food mainly concentrated on the poultry meat, vegetables, eggs and milk and other ingredients, but now the B2B market buyers need more finished products and semi-finished products, this would require the supermarket chain, make full use of the function of the central kitchen development company goods new depth, which exactly is the advantage of supermarket chain in the field of food and fresh food recipes marketing has become a basic trend.Reports that China's food market scale will reach 2020 in 15 trillion, the carve-up of the market will present three cent world situation, i.e. consumers eating out accounts for a third, bought food in the supermarket or restaurants to take home or letting Meituan and hungry (July 12, 2018 hungry? Orders in Shanghai has reached the 100 million single) sent to the home to eat will account for a third, besides the traditional buy food home cooking to eat can also account for a third.If go home to have a meal ingredients market, a supermarket chain can be accounted for 50%, take-away market also is what we usually call the supermarket catering part supermarket only accounted for 1%, so the supermarket is the first to say to a third of the market supply of consumers to eat out B2B market do well, at present the market just at the start stage, space is great, supermarket chain must not miss the strategic opportunity!To tell the truth, enter the food chain supermarket B2B market difficulty is big, because to integrate the supply chain, recorded a words to everybody here, 'the integration of supply chain is to take the dirty work and hard for many years, general Internet people don't want to do, I'm older, pure Internet project has spell after 80 after 90, however, so heavy it is necessary to do some dirty.' This sentence is 'necessary mall' C2M model (consumers directly docking manufacturers) creator bi sheng said, it is worth our careful understanding, you can also download the 'necessary mall' APP to understand a great harvest.Article mentioned the beginning yong hui supermarket cloud business goals, it not only to the cisco actually on the agency to integrate brand and other categories of goods on the basis of building a real B2B sales service platform, yong hui this goal for brick-and-mortar retailers to the good development of demonstration, but my view is that all the development goals of the ground is more important than the plan and vision, on the other hand, must complete B2B sales and service platform, for supermarket chain in the early stage rely on their own procurement scale and sales network is necessary and indispensable.In addition, it is right for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to build a new B2B platform combining online and offline technologies based on Internet technology and apply partner's venture capital mechanism, but don't think that venture capital partner mechanism can solve all problems without management and reliable evaluation system!

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