Pingyang cross-border e-commerce enterprise half year sales of 170 million yuan
Update time:2019-08-01         Source:network

According to the introduction of pingyang county bureau of commerce recently, in the first half of this year, a total of 144 cross-border e-commerce enterprises were incubated in pingyang, and the sales volume reached 170 million yuan, achieving a red half year.'We joined the incubation and applied for entry into the platform in December last year, and began to put it on the shelves in January this year. It took 100 days to achieve a one-day sales volume of more than $4,000, and by June we had achieved cross-border sales of $300,000.' Zhejiang LAN point network technology co., LTD. Relevant person in charge of the introduction said, in holding the help of wenzhou industrial belt service center, the enterprise sales from '0' to $300,000 only used for 5 months.Since this year, pingyang county has built the country's first cross-border e-commerce incubator 'kylinge' as the carrier, built a one-stop cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service system, established and improved the 'pet supplies', 'leather goods', 'massage appliances' and other e-commerce industrial chain, and formed a cross-border e-commerce industrial cluster combining B2B and B2C. The county's online retail sales reached 6.112 billion yuan in the first half, up 23.15% year-on-year.As the city's only provincial e-commerce innovation and development pilot, pingyang invested 50 million yuan to establish pingyang digital business center, providing services for more than 5,000 entity enterprises and 15,000 individuals. To build a digital business center, alibaba industrial belt, aliexpress pingyang cross-border brand zone, amazon platform incubation center and other e-commerce service platform-based enterprises are invited to enter, helping enterprises to expand e-commerce business.'The emergence of e-commerce industry cluster makes pingyang e-commerce industry chain more perfect, more mature, so that the product quality can be better, stronger competitiveness, a wider range of categories. Pingyang county bureau of commerce related person in charge said, the next step, to take 'pingyang qilin pavilion' and digital business center construction as an opportunity, and international trade cloud business in-depth cooperation, to provide enterprise incubation, talent transmission, marketing promotion, logistics storage, venture capital financing and other services; Continue to expand cross-border e-commerce B2C platform, actively connect with emerging third-party cross-border e-commerce platforms in Africa (Jumia), Russia (Joom), India (Paytm), southeast Asia (lazada, Ezbuy), strengthen business cooperation, and guide enterprises to explore overseas markets through different platforms; Build a professional cross-border e-commerce industrial park with a total office area of more than 10,000 square meters and a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive park covering an area of 50 mu in aojiang town.With strong support from national policies and unlimited business opportunities in overseas markets, it is believed that cross-border enterprises will make a lot of money under the tide of global trade.

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