Amazon creates B2B brand AmazonCommercia
Update time:2019-08-01         Source:network

Amazon has quietly launched an AmazonCommercial, an amazon line that will initially be limited to selling toilet paper and tissues, which will compete with kimberly-clark and other health care brands. Amazon says AmazonCommercial is an amazon professional range of products for commercial customers.Amazon currently has 141 different private brands, including Amazon Elements, Amazon Basics, Solimo and Rivet. This is in contrast to the 598 exclusive Amazon factory direct brands, many of which are owned by third parties in China and are building new brands specifically for Amazon distribution. According to TJI Research, amazon has 10 exclusive brands in industrial areas (including those selling cartons, medical equipment and disposable gloves), but AmazonCommercial is amazon's first private brand in the sector.According to Frost & Sullivan, B2B sales are expected to exceed $6.6 trillion by 2020, surpassing B2C sales of $3.2 trillion. The personage inside course of study says, the amazon in the past few years, we have own brand and but in both B2C and B2B domain, amazon is still in the own brand in the early stages of development, is in the commercial tide continuously explore, looking for a stable point, if the price and choose reasonable, given its size, amazon may well find insufficient service segments.Amazon once again develops its own brand city and devotes itself to the B2B field, which will lead the rise of B2B industry and create a broader prospect of B2B industry!


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