Baidu VR will present its new business branch BBS at the annual conference with brand new products to explore new teaching and research models in the future
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On July 23, the 7th China marketing international academic annual conference was held in guangzhou baiyun international convention center. The new product released this time is baidu VR new business intelligent experiment platform that supports the teaching and scientific research innovation of business schools. This product integrates artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality and other technologies to help the construction and application of teacher education information teaching service platform and explore new models of teaching and scientific research in the future.According to virtual reality products cao Yang, general manager of baidu, the platform is mainly in view of the traditional business student interest in the field of science research, data collection, analysis, practice exercise, situational teaching dilemma of aspects such as fixed-point breakthrough, the business of learning from the theory of case type of passive learning into the practice experience of observation, in turn, to verify the cement, and through the real data in time practice, complete decision-making and validation of active learning, for the new business to reform the teaching and scientific research of a set of mature solution is given.New business intelligence experiment platform based on baidu baidu VR in VR, big data and artificial intelligence technology in the deep accumulation, build the real scene, variable precision control experiment, precipitation experimental data collection and fast and convenient, and the data analysis and mining with the artificial intelligence technology, realize the more efficient and high quality of experiment teaching. With the three core features of scenario, data and decision making, the platform has well balanced the relationship between theory and practice, becoming a brand new 'species' in the new business field.Baidu VR new business intelligent experiment platform simulates the real consumption scene in the new business era through VR technology, sets the experimental conditions, and the experimental data generated by the consumption behavior of the experimental samples (subjects) in the scene will be captured in real time; Then, through big data technology, these real-time data are processed and mined to form an experimental database. Finally, through artificial intelligence and big data technology to accurately monitor consumer behavior data, and through multi-dimensional and multi-angle data analysis, to provide decision-making reference and guarantee. At the same time, the platform can also get the test results and classification in time, so that teachers and students can directly analyze and discuss in class, and directly improve the teaching quality.As a mature application of baidu VR's new business education, the significance of baidu VR's new business intelligent experiment platform goes beyond teaching. With its technical advantages, the platform performs well in the construction of experimental scenarios, control of experimental variables and intelligent data analysis, which can bring excellent impetus to the scientific research work of university teachers. At the same time, the research results will become a typical case, and provide rich materials for classroom teaching. Through the two-way integration of teaching and scientific research, this platform has formed a virtuous cycle ecology, and generated a strong power to promote the healthy development of new business subjects in the process of deepening and updating.At the same time, the advantages of baidu VR new business intelligent experimental platform will also be reflected in the talent training programs of undergraduate, master and doctoral programs. The platform has obvious advantages in adaptability to different stages of talent cultivation because it can be developed according to the requirements of disciplines or different stages of talent cultivation in the construction of scene experiments. Meanwhile, the precise control of experimental variables will also meet the requirements of exploratory experiments with different difficulties. The intelligent data analysis makes the experiment traceable and verifiable, and makes the continuous optimization of the experiment possible, so as to grow together with students in different stages.For baidu VR new experimental platform for business intelligence, marketing professor at city university of Hong Kong, Chinese scholars association chairman zhi-lin Yang said, 'the platform is given priority to with practice combining with the theory of teaching form also created a new business model, for business in the field of professional talents cultivation, scientific research and teaching in colleges and universities has very strong pertinence and practical.' At the same time, he also pointed out that the advantages of enterprises in technology, computing power and data are hard to be achieved by universities, while the teaching and scientific research abilities of universities can be integrated into teaching practice. Under collaborative efforts, the cultivation of new business talents will produce the effect of '1+1>2'.With the gradual maturity of various new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality, it will certainly bring a great role to the innovative education and scientific research mode and promote the leap-forward development of China's education.


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