High-tech assisted garbage classification, "garbage war" in full swing!
Update time:2019-07-26         Source:network

Residents who fail to comply with the new rules, which require their trash to be classified as wet, dry, recyclable and hazardous, will face fines and affect personal credit, the report said.Tencent has launched a small program called 'garbage sorting and saving master' for users in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and guangzhou.Alipay, a unit of alibaba, earlier announced a small program that USES artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to help residents in Shanghai and other Chinese cities sort garbage, the report said. Users can scan their smartphone's camera to see what kind of rubbish it falls into.Alipay said the small program, which can currently identify more than 4,000 types of garbage, has helped more than 3 million people since it went into testing in early July. Alipay also launched another small program to help people in 16 Chinese cities sell recyclable trash from their homes.Jd.com says it offers A.I. -backed image recognition technology to help companies sort through trash. Users can ask intelligent voice assistants questions such as 'what kind of garbage is this?' 'How do I recycle this?'The recycling trend has also caught the attention of some Chinese gaming start-ups. Recently, a 15-second trial of video garbage sorting game went viral on the Internet. Wearing VR glasses, players can see different types of garbage and a row of garbage cans. You get points for throwing rubbish in the right bin.In Beijing, some residential areas have installed bins with facial recognition systems that will give points to the person who throws the rubbish.At present, garbage classification and recycling is an inevitable trend. It is believed that under the support of relevant national policies and with the help of high-tech, people's environmental protection awareness will be further improved. Garbage classification, which is conducive to the healthy development of ecological environment, will be implemented and promoted rapidly.


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