Come to guangzhou 53 art museum, VR takes you into the world of monet
Update time:2019-07-23         Source:network

On the afternoon of July 22, guangzhou 53 art museum led us to 'walk into' monet and Rembrandt's studio and paintings, immersing ourselves in them, appreciating the creation environment of the master and feeling the creation feelings of the master.With VR equipment, we entered the garden of the famous French painter monet in an instant, with water surface, water lilies, clouds in the sky, reflections of Bridges and trees, as well as the light and shadow in the garden from morning to evening, and the instant changes of the four seasons.ClaudeMonet, French famous painter, representative of impressionism and one of the founders. Monet lived in the gardens of giverny for more than 30 years and created more than 250 water lilies.'Walk into the master VR art exhibition' is held in guangzhou 53 art museum. Through the presentation of VR equipment, the whole process of monet's painting of water lilies, every brush, every color and every inch of light and shadow, is presented to the audience like the documentary restoration.In addition to monet's garden, other famous works of art that can only be seen through glass are transformed into immersive art scenes through VR devices. In addition to observing the often overlooked details of the painting, you can walk into Rembrandt's studio on the streets of Amsterdam in the 17th century. You can also come to vermeer's 'the girl reading a letter at the window,' look at the untidy-looking apples on the table, the shadow of the curtain in the room, the view of the port city outside the window, and the seagulls flying in the sky, and feel the details of ordinary people's lives in the glory of the great age of navigation.In the era of VR, the perfect integration of the virtual and the real creates a kind of experience mode that breaks the space limit for human beings. I believe that the innovative application of VR in the industry will bring different surprises to this era.


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