Nanjing soft expo, three operators open 5G technology fierce PK
Update time:2019-07-22         Source:network

The 15th nanjing soft expo, telecom, linkage, mobile three operators have attended. This year, with the official issuance of 5G commercial license, the application and display of 5G technology has become the theme of the stands of the three major operators. Apart from the fields of consumption and entertainment, telemedicine, remote driving and other industrial applications have also become the focus of attention.This time, mobile has demonstrated the application of multiple scenes in 5G environment, including VR technology-based virtual tourism, 4K hd video transmission, AR auxiliary maintenance, telemetry, etc. With the advantage of 5G's low latency and high bandwidth, it has brought better use experience compared with 4G environment, even the operation that could not be realized before. In addition, mobile also presents the smart home scene under 5G environment, allowing people to personally experience the changes 5G network brings to daily life.In the exhibition area of unicom, 5G is also the focus. This time, 5G security patrol inspection robot, automatic driving, video monitoring, Internet of things management platform and other scenes are shown, which are relatively inclined to the commercial field.It is worth mentioning that unicom also demonstrated the application of 5G in MR telemedicine to us. Due to the current shortage of clinical medical resources, the number of patients is greater than that of professional medical staff. 5G+MR technology can help the medical industry realize remote diagnosis, share medical resources and solve problems.As for telecom, 5G industry applications and immersive experience will also be highlighted. In addition, they also brought 5G+AI games, tianyi cloud's network security situational awareness early warning platform, cloud dike defense demonstration platform, and tianyi intelligent community management platform, which also comprehensively demonstrated the new technology.5G technology is undoubtedly a development priority for the three major operators, who all hope to take a leading position in the competition and gain a bigger market share. Unlike 4G in the past, the big three operators are also looking at industry applications. In the future, 5G will change not only mobile phones, communications and entertainment, but also all walks of life. The 5G era will realize the connection between people and things, things and things, and a real era of the Internet of everything is coming.


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