In the era of 5G, VR industry is once again mining gold
Update time:2019-07-19         Source:network

Today, with the development of the Internet, the emergence of 5G has gradually replaced 4G. This update with The Times will bring significant changes to technologies in various fields. From the way we interact with our smartphones and home devices to the different changes that are being offered to the entire industry, VR will benefit more in 5G.VR virtual technology is no stranger to us, and it has become more and more popular in recent years. However, the combination of 5G and VR will bring different changes in space and time. Virtual reality, commonly known as VR, is a technology that allows you to live entirely in virtual Spaces. VR requires you to put on a device, in this case a VR headset, and experience a virtual environment created by a computer.From the way we interact with our smartphones and home devices, to the way it has revolutionized the industry, most VR devices now come with earphones that make the sound more realistic and immersive. What kind of environment you are in depends on the VR device you are using.There are plans to make social VR as ubiquitous as social networking, allowing you to connect with friends and family wherever you are. And more and more people are making documentary VR experiences and art-based content. There are also a range of VR applications that go far beyond what you can achieve with VR headsets at home, including training, education, logistics and healthcare.According to recent statistics, the whole VR industry is growing exponentially every year. Currently, the market size is estimated to be about $6.2 billion in 2019 and may reach an estimated $16.3 billion globally by 2022.VR is an important technology and is expected to play an important role in many industries including entertainment, training, education and healthcare. But while the technology has great potential and is already in use in some Settings, there are still technical problems that prevent it from reaching its full potential.With 5G delivery, the problem of low latency previously existed in VR virtual technology has been significantly improved, while the audio and video provided will not be restricted by the network, which will make VR experience easier to use, more reliable and, more importantly, more immersive.

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