Qingdao launched the "VR+5G" service for party construction learning
Update time:2019-07-19         Source:network

Recently, the reporter comes to Qingdao shibei hefei road most of the street square, the new era of service between e station is particularly eye-catching bright eye, red the mass-tone attune of the interpretation of overall appearance, e stand at the top of the Mosaic 'don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission' eight marked the scarlet letter, e stand on either side of the shows 24 in the form of pictures and words of socialist core values.On plate Settings, according to the party members' daily learning demand party launched a study power, lighthouse online network resources and real-time interactive online learning, such as set by the new era of assembly, red topics such as training camp, beginner's mind story remit into an organic whole, mass learning resources to satisfy the party member masses education demand personalized, diversified and normalized.E station and 'VR + 5 g digital experience,' here, put on the helmet, can travel in the world of virtual reality, with the help of a small e station layout, exhibition display, through the intuitive VR will be more than 3000 square meters of Qingdao party historiographers stereo display in front of the performer, immersive interactive experience gives the user immersive feeling, in the red tour of high-tech exposed to accept patriotism education.E station system, set up the party construction of grid plate considering type of community management, service object, service number, and property management services area, could be divided into 51 grid nine community party committee of party branch, 127 party member center, grid service scope, service items, work flow, address, telephone and other information on the system is to be found. Residents encounter some urgent worries and worries in their lives. Some opinions and Suggestions on streets and communities can be directly reflected to the streets and communities by entering the column of people's sentiment echo wall through scan. The street integrates the resources of urban management, safety supervision, market supervision, food and drug supervision and other departments, and establishes a 'five-in-one' street information processing platform for resource sharing, problem discovery, command and coordination, supervision and evaluation, and emergency response.

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