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'Tencent is a company without the To B gene.' This tag, like 'alibaba does not do social' as well known.On September 30, 2018, tencent, 20, announced the restructuring, proposing to 'root in the first half of the consumer Internet, embrace the second half of the industrial Internet transformation,' betting on B terminal.As for the label of 'no gene To B', Martin lau, President of tencent, once said: 'you see, successful species in evolution do not have that gene at the beginning, they are all evolved.Now, has tencent's To B gene evolved? Eight months after the structural adjustment, tencent presented its 'report card' of transformation at the 2019 tencent global digital ecology conference, which was held in kunming, yunnan province in late may.The biggest restructuring in tencent's historyClench your fist for the Internet industryOn September 30, 2018, tencent announced restructuring and integration based on the original seven business groups (BG). In this adjustment, cloud and smart industry business group (CSIG) and platform and content business group (PCG) are newly established, while the original WeChat business group (WXG), interactive entertainment business group (IEG), technology engineering business group (TEG) and enterprise development business group (CDG) are retained.The establishment of CSIG was seen as one of the most important preparations for tencent's 'going to the pit' industrial Internet. Before the structural adjustment, in the business of To C, tencent has been pursuing the 'horse racing mechanism'. Through internal competition, it finally supports the winners who stand out in the struggle, which was once regarded as an important factor for tencent's good products. However, such a mechanism has become a big obstacle for tencent To expand its business To B.To B business cooperation often requires multi-department functions and data collaboration and interaction. Therefore, for tencent, which has a long history of 'horse racing mechanism', To 'enter the pit' of industrial Internet, it is necessary To clench its fist and concentrate its efforts. CSIG is playing such a role. This newly established business group integrates tencent cloud, Internet +, smart retail, education, medical care, security, LBS and other industry solutions to improve interactivity and collaboration between departments.Tang daosheng, senior executive vice President of tencent and President of cloud and smart industry business group, said that CSIG is the external window of tencent's To B strategy, while other business groups are powerful firepower.Tencent has a total of three major structural adjustments, looking back, the first two adjustments are determined after tencent's development. What makes tencent, which is already popular in the c-end market, resolutely turn to embrace the industrial Internet?On the one hand, the dividend of 'To C' mobile terminal is fading. From June 2017 To June 2018, the usage time of APP increased by 6.2%, while that of tencent decreased by 6.6%. ; On the other hand, the policy control of games restricts the development of the game business, which accounts for the majority of tencent's revenue, resulting in the first decline of game revenue and the decline of secondary market share price.When the growth of 'To C' becomes too difficult, 'To B' becomes the next target.Tencent smart retail To B roadTo traffic, data advantage as a starting pointBefore the restructuring, tencent did not do business To B, but was always criticized as 'there is only a hammer To C, and To B is the nail'.After replacing that 'hammer', does tencent have unique advantages in the To B field? For enterprises directly serving the c-terminal, tencent's own huge traffic advantages and user resources are really attractive. Take retail.Clearly, tencent also knows quite well what its attractions are. At the 2019 tencent global digital ecology conference, Lin jinghua, vice President of tencent and head of tencent smart retail, commented on tencent's positioning in the retail industry: user-centered digital all-touch mode.Lin jing - hua said, 'people at the core, do the integration of adult goods, this is the most important concept in smart retail.' By applying the theory to practice, two operational modes can be obtained: one is 'the digitization of the customer flow of existing formats', and the other is how to extend the business online. Tencent calls it 'new 2.0', which includes brand official small program, shopping guide, social fission and so on. The integration of the two operating modes will result in a completely new digital retail.And what Lin jing hua said is exactly what tencent smart retail is doing for their b-terminal users. At the 2019 tencent global digital ecology conference, tencent also presented the report card of the past year of exploring the digital retail of tencent.Digitized passenger flow of existing formats:1. Wanda plaza By mobile phone and get small program code, in the process of using a small program can access to a variety of promotion information in wanda plaza, store information, to drive traffic through the inside of the mobile phone become wanda plaza tour guides and the inside of the store, is the result of stream of people more natural circulation, the more traffic to the store of drainage, and people in the stores to find a place to want to go inside.2. Wal-mart. After acquiring wal-mart's small program and scanning shopping in shopping process, you can not only save the time of queuing for the bill, but also know the product information and know what else is suitable for you nearby. The practice in wal-mart not only helps wal-mart save customers' queuing time, but also brings about many real cost savings, including the improvement of store staff efficiency and more additional increments.New 2.0:1. Ayanzhi broke the sales volume of 45 million yuan in a single month by deeply cultivating the shopping guide contact points and adding marketing tools such as activities, advertorials, and recommended and matched pictures and texts;2. Septwolves achieves a three-fold increase in customer unit price compared with e-commerce platform and a six-fold increase in daily UV of small programs through the mode of 'member + thousand stores + thousand noodles + shopping guide operation'.3. Yonghui realizes daily orders of more than 60,000 through social activities such as social red envelope, friends' likes and red envelope rain activities, and provides services for more than 1 million people, accounting for up to 15% of the orders in the pilot area.From the perspective of content, at the present stage, tencent's measures To B in smart retail are mainly To open up the data and traffic accumulated in the past in the c-terminal market, as well as the technologies used To serve internal products, To realize the realization of b-terminal.Besides digitization based on c-end users, will tencent extend the transformation of industrial Internet to back-end links such as supply chain?'Why does tencent do everything?' tang daosheng said in an interview. ERP is already a mature market with experienced players. I don't think tencent should touch everything. In my opinion, To B is the same as To C. Tencent only chooses social networking and content in the Internet field, and we don't need To do many other fields by ourselves. Back To To B, we choose To help enterprises upgrade. The first is To see what assets I have or what capabilities I have that customers care about. If I have to solve a problem in a certain link, such as the supply chain, and I do not have the ability, it is not convincing. In addition, the needs of enterprises are various, so I prefer to communicate with customers to find out what problems they have or what they are interested in. The best Match is to figure out what the customer is trying to solve, and you have the tools to solve it. If I have something he doesn't need, it's not a closed loop.'Only do what you're good at. Focus on the 'digital assistant' status of tencent, whether in the second half of the industrial Internet nirvana? Let's wait and see.


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