Preliminary exploration of the current situation and value of the operation mode of China's industrial e-commerce enterprises
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Relying on Internet technology, e-commerce enterprises have become the focus of traditional industrial product sales enterprises' transformation and investors' bet on industrial product track. The content of the article is based on this. At present, according to the existing domestic business model of industrial products e-commerce platform, it can be divided into four business models: transaction-oriented, information-and-transaction-oriented, infrastructure-oriented and supply-chain output-oriented. They are groping and using the key elements of the industry to constantly adapt to and serve the supply and demand sides in the field of industrial product circulation, exploring and pursuing on the road of cost reduction and efficiency improvement.Research on China's industrial products related companies in the field of circulation can be traced back to the 'xin Fang Sheng holding group, established in 1989, and 2000 years ago a group of companies, are more familiar with 'the Chinese automation (1994)', 'line of (1998)', 'em electromechanical (1998)', 'instrument information network (1999)', 'the industry up to (2000), etc.However, at that time, the operation mode of these enterprises was mainly divided into two categories: offline agency distribution and online commodity display. Its sales categories are relatively single. For example, before 2008, zhenkun bank mainly made its living as the agent of internationally renowned brand adhesives and lubricants. At that time, xinfangsheng holding group mainly sold industrial products of building materials, while zhongyeda mainly focused on the distribution of medium and low-voltage electrical and industrial control products.2000 years later, with a number of enterprises in the domestic market at home and abroad have been born, such as industrial control information trading information platform '(2001) of China industrial control network establishment, MRO trading platforms' western network (2009) 'layout electrical business, foreign MRO service providers' grainger (2005), industrial automation products manufacturing and distributors' m, m (2007), non-standard parts' MFG (2007) to enter the Chinese market, China began to a large number of enterprises established industrial goods circulation.Especially after 2014, a number of e-commerce platforms relying on Internet technology for online trading have sprung up like mushrooms, some of which are the incubation and transformation of traditional circulation enterprises in the early stage. In 2017, e-commerce giants ali and jd also entered successively.At present, this batch of e-commerce platforms relying on the Internet and deeply serving industrial products circulation enterprises have become the transformation of traditional industrial products sales enterprises and investors' bets on industrial products track focus on the subject.For existing domestic industrial e-commerce enterprises, their operation modes can be roughly divided into four categories:1) trading models represented by, zhenkunxing industrial supermarket, haizhi online, zhongyeda mall, tiejia, chuanshanjia and gongpin no.1;2) information + trading model represented by industrial network + industrial cat combination;3) infrastructure models represented by jingdong industrial products and 1688 super store;4) supply chain output model represented by eurometallurgical procurement and e-dispatch.In the 'trade' model, there are two modes of industrial category circulation: standard products circulation represented by MRO and parts circulation represented by non-standard products. On the e-commerce trading platform, the circulation scenarios of the above two types of industrial products are somewhat different.In the difference performance, mainly divided into: product SKU quantity and circulation link. The trading scale and profit source of standard products circulation platform mainly benefit from abundant SKU volume, which is combined with marketing SKU skills of the platform. Abundant SKU volume can attract customers with different needs, especially to meet the procurement needs of downstream customers with scattered scale. For example, in 'what kind of company is grainger?' ', the author pointed out that 'grainger has a wide variety of products and flexible changes, and there is not a single large-scale purchasing customer among the more than 3.5 million downstream customers'. Of course, the development of grainger model in China has not been plain sailing. Compared with the rich SKU required by the standard product trading platform, the non-standard product parts platform is characterized by buyer-led procurement, which requires the platform to have professional matching ability and meet the buyer's inquiry requirements based on the drawings. Profits from such platforms come from better manufacturing capacity at the upstream end of the supply chain, or from the discovery of good alternatives.Of course, the most common feature of the industrial products platform, which is also an e-commerce platform, lies in its online docking efficiency and offline service depth. Online docking efficiency performance for industrial buyers and sellers through electric business platform to achieve rapid response and accurate matching, save offline before looking for goods, demand match, such as time, also can continuously activate China's manufacturing enterprises to export value, and offline service depth is relying on the platform to build its own ability of supply chain services such as logistics and timely delivery, warehousing hosting or for mining on both sides of the joint inventory management and so on.In the 'information + transaction' model, the relative advantages of customer acquisition cost and IT r&d investment are obvious. Pure trading platform for customers need was realized by precipitation in continuous product transactions, and 'information + transaction model of passenger source, often benefit from early membership system accumulated customer information, this customer has a big chance in the later trading platform the main transform, the platform has a certain trade seed customer care. Such as in the domestic electrical distribution first wave 'of the industry's advanced road', the author on the industry of digital electrical business change layout, found that 'the industry to be completed in 2016 after the acquisition of 70% stake in industrial control network, is relying on China's industrial control network of millions of industrial control industry professional members system created the 'cat' control in the mall to expand the field of industrial control B2B business'. , of course, it is important to note that this depends on the means of information for the guest is not exclusive to this kind of enterprise model, the above mentioned we 'trading' model also, just using different tactics, such as non-standard parts purchasing flat across the Taiwan straits of online by opening 'sea wisdom college', 'industry public comments on 'module is also similar logic, etc. In addition, we also believe that in the early stage of this kind of information started industrial products Internet enterprises, often due to the early stage of IT research and development investment, the later stage on the trading platform to spread the cost.In the model of 'infrastructure', IT is mainly reflected in the diversity of industrial products circulation and the depth of IT service of the platform. Model was advanced infrastructure, is originated from ali, jingdong mall giant born comprehensive third-party electric business platform properties, especially the construction of comprehensive ability, such as warehousing, logistics, business marketing, big customer resources, such as precipitation of them with a natural Internet gene into the commodity circulation field. On current form, 2017 years later, jingdong industrial channel establishment, 1688 super stores online industrial products for the existing distribution services, such as industrial brands provides flow entrance, industrial SKU rich guaranteed, but as a natural there is little late Internet companies of industrial gene in deep degree need further consideration in the industrial products industry, particularly in view of the consumer Internet can flow into industry one of the evaluation criteria of the Internet, this kind of thinking is still questionable. Of course, this kind of business model, for traditional industrial enterprises Internet operation can provide fast online shortcut.In the 'supply chain output' model, it is mainly manifested in the large-scale procurement platform to standardize the external output of its internal mature procurement system. To better understand this model, you can focus on two companies, baosteel's ouyeyun business 'eurometallurgical procurement' and sinopec's 'epai'. In ouzhi procurement platform, for example, procurement around core pain points, and provide the whole process of purchasing management system and tools, including source of purchasing demand planning, supplier for management, purchase management, procurement perform coordinated, and support and a variety of ERP integration platform, and platform also supports the enterprises for their own procurement and legal tender, finally realizes the sourcing the whole process of e-commerce applications. And easy to send the guest mainly relying on China petrochemical system of centralized purchasing of foreign professional procurement output, it is reported, easy to send the guest predecessor was built in 2000, the Chinese petrochemical electronic procurement system, in 2015 China petrochemical and on the basis of the application to, such as the Internet technology has set up a platform easy to send the guest industrial electricity, now would be a specialist procurement, experts such as bidding and butler service power fully open to industrial circulation industry. In addition, in April 2018, e-pec officially released the es-epec Standard, which became the first domestic Standard application of enterprise and product evaluation Standard for industrial products on e-commerce platform.Through the brief analysis of the above, we can see the current industrial electric commercial circulation enterprises in our country has formed the transaction type, information + transaction type, infrastructure, supply chain, the output of four types of models, they are constantly adapt to serve domestic and industrial products circulation industry supply and demand of the enterprise, and industrial electric business enterprise should have some of the key emphasis or elements, For example, abundant SKU volume, accurate order matching ability, offline localization service ability (technical guidance, on-site installation), intelligent storage business, logistics and delivery ability, factory procurement system docking ability have become the business exploration and pursuit process of all kinds of enterprises under the above model.TO this end, we are in the recent series of articles published each have emphasize particularly on the interpretation of the relevant elements mentioned above, such as in the aspects of MRO circulation field, respectively in the distribution and purchasing perspective about the industrial products in circulation of the supply chain with the related issues, in the Chinese context, TO B industrial reaction with the combination of the Internet ', the analysis of the main body of the traditional industrial products circulation link in some of the changes in cross-border integration after the Internet, such as commodity SKU richness and order matching efficiency, offline localization service ability and so on.Now, although domestic industrial electricity enterprise circulation service has not yet become the main industrial products circulation channel, but the attention of the capital market is still in the field is constantly improve and focus, after all, compared to the United States market, Chinese capacity power industry is the development of the Internet space can have a big imagination space, so we article 'China industrial electricity wave capitalization' lists a group of industrial electrical business enterprises access to capital market favor, in addition, we also in North America MRO distribution giant grainger, domestic electrical distribution of leading the industry, and also has carried on the case, Expect to restore the domestic and foreign industrial products circulation market from different perspectives.


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