Micro star new curved esport display PAG301CR official release!
Update time:2019-05-28         Source:Mingtong newswire

Microstar PAG301CR, a new 21:9 curved 30-inch display with fish screen, was launched on April 26 and is now on sale on jd.com.The first 100 users who place orders will enjoy a discount of 2,299 yuan for early bird (2,399 yuan for jingdong). In addition, can also receive full 2000 minus 200 full coupon use, and after completing the order video display will also return 100 yuan jingdong E card, equivalent to 1999 yuan can get this high-quality curved e-sports display!Then, say how to pull up the wool, of course, to understand whether this product is worth it; This first from the PAG301CR performance parameters!First of all, the microstar PAG301CR is equipped with a 30-inch curved VA screen, curvature of 1800R, the screen ratio of 21:9, the resolution can reach 2560x1080, 178° wide viewing Angle, wider field of vision, effective picture improved by 30%, providing the possibility of multi-application split-screen use;And in the very test of esports display screen refresh rate, microstar PAG301CR can achieve the screen refresh rate of 200Hz and 5ms response time, screen silky smooth, very conducive to improve the experience of FPS, fighting, RTS, racing games.Also has a wide range of colors, can amount to 100% sRGB color gamut, Δ E < 3, static contrast to 3000:1, can accurate reduction of every color of the image detail, give the user a visual experience of high quality;In addition, it also supports the function of HDR, with the brightness up to 370cd/㎡, which will present a more realistic picture when opened. AMD FreeSync technology can effectively eliminate the problem of tearing game picture, ensure the synchronization of display picture and graphics card output, optimize the game experience;And more importantly, in addition to the good inside, it also has a beautiful appearance! Microstar PAG301CR support RGB dynamic lighting effect, can meet the needs of users personalized, help users to create their own brilliant cool game desktop; It is equipped with dual HDMI and dual DP ports, and supports 100x100mm third-party bracket installation.Who can not ask after seeing these? To know that the first 100 users can get this high quality 2K curved screen at a low price of 1999 yuan! Get moving!


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